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Meet Jolynn

Inventor/Owner of the EZSheet Mattress Lifter

My Story

JoeyLynn Rito (Jolynn) is the Founder and CEO of a successful company in a predominantly male-dominated industry. At 18, shortly after graduating, Jolynn entered the machining field and completed a four-year Certification Apprenticeship Training program. She quickly excelled in toolmaking, and her diverse skills led her to design and manufacture tooling for the pharmaceutical industry. Her talent and leadership shone through, and after 15 years, she purchased the first company she worked for. Five years later, she acquired her second company. For the past 26 years, Jolynn's business has thrived, producing quality tooling for various industries.

EZsheet, Jolynn's second patent, reflects her dedication to precise detail and creativity, making it a unique and reliable product on the market.

In addition to her business achievements, Jolynn is a professional drummer, known as one of the best in her area. This role demands quick learning, creativity, attention to detail, and patience. Her dual careers are intertwined, showcasing her multifaceted talents and commitment to excellence in every task she undertakes.

Jolynn also stars in "Jolynn and Alexa," a comedic YouTube show about her and her snarky AI assistant, Alexa. The series humorously explores Jolynn's struggles with modern technology as Alexa's constant, witty interference turns simple tasks into hilarious challenges. This satirical take on life in the technological age adds yet another dimension to Jolynn's diverse and dynamic career.

If you'd like to see the funny side of Jolynn, check out her YouTube channel, "Jolynn and Alexa".

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